March 16, 2016

Chapter two : Web Architecture

During the third week of class, we learnt a lot about web architecture. The main objective of this chapter is to ensure that all of the students understand about what is architecture in web means like the two tier concept, mechanisms that we used in the architecture and the others. 

Web Pages :
- there are two types of web pages
i-dynamic - the appearance is depends on the user request and user's interaction
ii-static - the layout will not change every time reloading or with every request on the web.

The main language that is commonly used in web pages is HTML from version until the latest one which is HTML5. The architecture of the web will allow client to contact with server using many types of protocol like ATTP .

Chapter One : Web Essentials: Clients, Servers and Communication

This is the first chapter of web technology that we learnt in class. This chapter tells about the web essentials like what is the clients, servers and what do the communication process that clients and servers do.  In this chapter, we also learn about the internet protocol , which are the ipv4 and ipv6.

During the lab section, we did the lab assignment which is overally about the network in the computer. we use the -ipconfig command in the command prompt for windows in order to take a look at the MAC address and physical address of the computer. We also learn on how to distinguish between seriel and OUI numbers . which is the OUI is the first three octect numbers in the mac address and the seriel is located on the last three octect numbers.

In conclusion, we learn a lot about web essentials during this first chapter, and get to know about ip address and others. Our lecturer, Sir Imam Hazwam had thought us a lot about the network layer in the computer.

Here is some of the slideshow that we used in the class during the lecture section.